Guide to online application for a loan of 15 thousand USD.


A loan of 15,000 USD allows you to solve several important financial contingencies that occur in every moment of life. It can be requested from any post office, bank or financial institution (today everyone makes loans available), as long as it is shown to have an income and to have turned 18 years old.

The duration of the amortization plan, for this amount, often (but not always) reaches up to 10 years. Among the most interesting proposals of recent times in the panorama of personal loans, those of Capital Lender, Spin Lender and Capital Lender stand out. Let’s find out then the characteristics of these loans and which of these three is more convenient, while reminding the reader that the economic conditions (especially with regard to interest rates) could vary, both on the basis of the financial profile you have, and on the basis of to the existence or not of offers.

With Capital Lender flexible loans and variable installment

With Capital Lender flexible loans and variable installment

Beginning to analyze the opportunities made available by Capital Lender  (a financial company owned by Cream Bank and Best Bank) for a loan of 15,000 USD, the first thing you notice is that the characteristics of flexible and adaptable loan are highly emphasized that requires it (in this regard, the main product remains Duttilio).

So there is the possibility to change the amount of the installment, to skip the installment or change the repayment or, finally, to postpone the duration of the loan. One of the proposals carried out on a loan of 15,000 USD provides, in a period of 96 months (8 years), installments of 223.40 USD per month without an insurance policy, with interest rates equal to a Tan of 8.91% and a Taeg of 10.22%.

Then you have to calculate a monthly expenditure of 2 USD for the management of the case, 2 USD for the annual report tax, 16 USD for stamp duty for the contract and 300 USD of expenses for the preliminary investigation or commissions. Quotation and loan can be requested online, the first without any commitment, the second through digital signature.

With Spin Lender no additional costs

With Findomestic no additional costs

The personal loan of 15,000 USD proposed by Spin Lender (financial of the Across Lender group which is increasingly evolving into a real bank) provides, under the same payment (96 months) and insurance (no policy) time conditions, an installment of 200 USD per month, with Tan and Taeg fixed at 6.39% and 6.58% respectively, for a total amount due by the consumer of 19,200 USD.

The difference is that here the rates are slightly lower and there are no accessory costs, neither for stamp duty, nor for the investigation of the file, nor for periodic communications or collection and management of the installment. Equally to Capital Lender, on the other hand, the loan can be flexible and requested in a totally digital way, from the estimate up to the receipt of the necessary amount in your account, through the use of the digital signature.
The latter can be requested from Spin Lender quickly and free of charge, with confirmation on your smartphone.

With Capital Lender, a wide choice according to different needs

With Compass, a wide choice according to different needs

Different is the matter for Capital Lender, which offers many lines of financing and personal loan. There are six products deployed by the Lite Lender Group finance company, each with its own characteristics adaptable to a particular type of customer.

What could be seen as a limitation is that the Capital Lender website does not allow you to make automatic estimates (you can possibly request them via e-mail from the customer service) or to request online loans. For any information, therefore, on interest rates, cheaper loans and installments you must necessarily make an appointment at the branch. Capital Lender is however very present on social networks, therefore for all the generic information you want to request, you can contact the financial company at the website

Loans of small amounts: how to choose the best one?

The request of small amount loan

The request of small amount loan

The small loan is that contained request for money characterized by the need, for those who request it, to obtain it in a fairly short period of time: it can therefore be traced back to stringent needs which the potential interested party must quickly deal with by obtaining an immediate disbursement for an amount that is normally around $ 3,000.

The original form, which the banks then drew inspiration from, is that of small Government Agency loans, accessible however only to workers in possession of specific requirements, of public employment.

By going to the bank to obtain this sum of money, the institution will request the employee’s last paycheck, or other income certification from the freelancer (being without a paycheck), or the coupon to pensioner.

We go up a lot, until we reach the limits of the law, for the request for a loan without a guarantee: the bank’s trust costs a lot, but it is not impossible to conquer it thanks to other sources of income, such as, for example, a rental income from property characterized by regularity in the receipt of the payment, easily demonstrable, a financial annuity which therefore guarantees a maintenance allowance guaranteed by a court order.

There are also “revolving cards” which are cards issued in some very rare cases even without paychecks and demonstrable income and which work with a top-up of cash, based on the amounts actually available (see also Revolving card without demonstrable income) .

The top-up is usable by the customer who, for example, by purchasing a product will be charged an installment monthly (e.g. $ 100.00) and not the full amount of the purchase.

Let’s take an example. The available ceiling is 2,500.00, do you spend 400,00 on the purchase of a mobile phone? Your credit from 2500.00 USD will drop to 2100.00 but you will be charged 100.00 monthly on your account. The “installment” goes in part to settle the debt by reconstituting the original ceiling and in part for the interests of the creditor. To get it you need to have a bank or postal account and be of legal age.

Why choose online banks?

Why choose online banks?

Small loans can be requested at each bank branch or more immediately from online banks.

There are several reasons why it is worthwhile to request these amounts from the web.

  • First of all the “speed”. By filling out the loan request form directly online, in fact, we will significantly halve the time that usually elapses between the compilation of the same in the bank, with the help of a counter and the time of verification and evaluation by the credit institution.
  • A second reason may be that of “cost reduction”. In fact, by requesting a small online loan, it is possible to decrease the so-called accessory costs, such as the preliminary costs. In addition, often and willingly, there are offers dedicated to those who make the online request and, for example, concern interest rates.
  • Third reason, the “comparability”. While going to the credit institution we will hardly have a yardstick, online it is possible, thanks to the special simulators, to compare interest rates offered by different financial companies or banks in a few simple steps.
  • But this does not mean that they can then be requested directly and completely online. In fact, not many banks have adopted suitable tools for this purpose, such as Findomestic which has introduced the digital signature, making the procedure 100% online.
  • Fourth reason, “privacy”. When you live in small countries you often have some qualms about going to the branch of your bank to request a small loan useful, for example, to face a period of temporary crisis. Online banks, by allowing online requests, guarantee some privacy. Nobody can do the math in their pockets!
  • Fifth and final reason, “access to information”. Let’s face it, especially if they are small loans, how many of us really pay attention or read the conditions and all the information contained in the application forms in detail? With online banks we will have access to this information at any time, directly from our pc, and we will be able to read everything calmly at any time of the day. Furthermore, there is often the possibility of chatting or otherwise speaking with an operator ready to provide us with all the information from time to time.

Entrepreneur loan without Credit Bureau.

Entrepreneur loan Without Credit Bureau – what you have to take into account

It is important for you as a borrower that the installments for your loan are not too high. It is much easier for you if there is still enough money left over from your income for other important things. The key to financing is low interest rates and good conditions. If the loan is sufficiently adaptable, it will be much less difficult to repay it. This includes rate breaks for one or more months as well as special repayments at no additional cost. If all of this applies, you can rightly speak of good financing on the subject of entrepreneurial credit without Credit Bureau.

However, keep a few things in mind so that nothing gets in the way of your loan as a trainee, unemployed, employee, student, pensioner or self-employed:

1. Only borrow as much money as is actually needed

Basically, the necessary funds should be assessed as precisely as possible when planning with a view to the subject of entrepreneur loans without Credit Bureau. If you have a clear overview of your expenses beforehand, you will not experience any unpleasant surprises afterwards and can always pay your installments on time. It would be wise to consider a small buffer – too large a cushion, on the other hand, leads to unnecessarily high liabilities. Therefore do not take out a higher loan than is necessary. If the need for funds has actually been underestimated, follow-up financing in the form of follow-up or top-up financing can be easily compensated for.

2. Draw up and structure a financial plan

If you need a loan, you should correctly assess your financial situation and keep a close eye on your own income and expenses – also when it comes to entrepreneurial loans without Credit Bureau Things how much money has been spent. So that no hidden costs are overlooked, small expenses, such as breakfast coffee at the bakery or after-work beer in the pub, should also be taken into account. In this way you can easily determine where you can possibly save one or two euros. In addition, such a statement of costs also helps in the assessment of the optimal loan rate.

3. Be careful, honest and accurate

It is important to be careful, honest and accurate with all information about your creditworthiness and your own financial situation – especially with the subject of business credit without Credit Bureau, with all information about your creditworthiness and your own financial situation being honest, accurate and careful. You should allow yourself enough time to carefully compile all documents and evidence. This is the only way to draw a serious, accurate picture of your own financial situation, which in any case has an advantageous effect on the chances for an instant loan or an emergency loan.

What a really good mediator can do for you

What a really good mediator can do for you

In general, the main service of an intermediary is to support you in your search for a suitable “loan without Credit Bureau”. However, the activity does not only extend to mere mediation. Not infrequently, it also includes in-depth debt counseling. A good loan despite Credit Bureau intermediaries will give you detailed advice on a financing offer by showing you the advantages and disadvantages. He will also support you in compiling all the necessary documents for the loan despite the Credit Bureau application.

Advantages and disadvantages in mediation


  • Good contacts also to lesser known banks and credit institutions
  • Detailed advice before submitting the application
  • Mediation of loans even with insufficient creditworthiness
  • Help with the compilation of the application documents
  • Aid for argumentation in the event of unfortunate personal circumstances or high financing amounts
  • Good chances of cheap lending rates


  • Doubtful offers are not always immediately recognizable
  • Risk of obtaining overpriced loans
  • Possible fees for obtaining credit

A number of intermediaries have good business connections to lesser-known financial institutions, which offers the opportunity to obtain extremely favorable conditions for business credit without Credit Bureau. It is quite possible to negotiate even in complicated circumstances. In contrast to large banks, where the credit approval process is almost exclusively automated, each loan application is checked on a case-by-case basis. In this way, the intermediary has the opportunity to justify a negative entry in the Credit Bureau, so that he is not so important in the credit check. In contrast, a loan request for an entrepreneur loan without Credit Bureau at a normal bank would be an almost hopeless undertaking.

Is a credit broker really serious? How to spot the differences

Is a credit broker really serious? How to spot the differences

A reputable broker will act in your interest without exception when it comes to business credit without Credit Bureau. The broker does not charge you any commission either, because he receives it from the bank.

Four criteria by which a reputable intermediary can be recognized:

  • You do not pay any commission for arranging a loan
  • The agent has a website including address, imprint and contact options
  • When you call, someone is actually available who makes a competent impression
  • You will receive specific information on debit and effective interest, loan amount and terms

This is how you recognize a dubious mediator

  • Funding depends on taking out insurance
  • Proposed financial restructuring
  • Unregistered home visit
  • Requiring a fee for the consultation and regardless of the conclusion of the loan agreement
  • Cash on delivery of the application documents
  • You will be promised a 100% loan approval
  • Urge to sign the agency contract
  • Calculation of expenses or additional costs

The Advantages of Foreign Banks for Entrepreneur Loans Without Credit Bureau

The financing of larger projects by foreign financial institutions is becoming increasingly popular. This is not just about a new car or a planned vacation trip, but also about {the funds for your own existence}. The Internet is becoming increasingly popular among consumers to take out a loan from foreign institutions, which is why the domestic financial institution is becoming less and less important. Choosing a bank abroad has the great advantage that the lending guidelines there are clearly easier than with us in Germany. Therefore, an insufficient credit rating or a negative entry in the Credit Bureau only play a secondary role when it comes to entrepreneur loans without Credit Bureau. It is basically Cream Banks that grant loans that are brokered via the Internet. This fact is primarily of interest to those borrowers who need a financial injection particularly quickly and have already been rejected by Infra bank. This includes, for example, the self-employed, students, employees during the probationary period, the unemployed, trainees or pensioners. It is obvious that this group of people in particular has a hard time when it comes to entrepreneur loans without Credit Bureau.

Why a Swiss loan is a good option

Individuals with money problems can often not get a loan. Financing is made considerably more difficult due to poor creditworthiness or debts. In such a case, a Swiss loan would be a real alternative. This is a loan that is approved by a Swiss financial institution. A negative Credit Bureau entry is irrelevant for these banks, since a request for this is basically not made, which makes it extremely easy to find a loan. This is particularly ideal when it comes to entrepreneur loans without Credit Bureau.

But you can’t take out a loan from a Swiss institution without a certain credit check. The Cream Bank will also ask you for collateral and proof of income. However, if you have a fundamentally positive credit rating and a negative Credit Bureau entry is the only problem with financing, the Swiss loan represents a real opportunity for business credit without Credit Bureau.

Entrepreneur loan Without Credit Bureau: How it works

Entrepreneur loan Without Credit Bureau: How it works

Anyone looking for an entrepreneur loan without Credit Bureau, that is, “despite moderate creditworthiness”, usually thinks of a “loan without Credit Bureau”. All well-known credit banks today check the applicant’s creditworthiness. Even if this is not done at Credit Bureau, it is at another credit agency.

There is actually no one who lives in Germany and has no score or entry at Credit Bureau. {If you own a} credit card or if you have an account with the bank or savings bank, you have already created such a value. You don’t get a “credit without Credit Bureau” at {a reputable financial institution}. However, what could be successful is a “loan despite Credit Bureau entry”. Fortunately, most of the entries made by consumers are positive at Credit Bureau. Nevertheless, many people believe that they have a “negative Credit Bureau entry”

Sometimes you want to know if your loan application has any chance of being approved. Then it is best to determine in advance whether you actually have such an unfavorable credit score as you think. Incidentally, it is possible to request the “Credit Bureau Score” from Credit Bureau once a year free of charge. Since 2010, it has been possible to obtain information from the credit agency in order to determine which data is stored. Once a year, you are generally entitled to this information free of charge in accordance with Section 34 of the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG). You can request the relevant information from “MeineCredit Bureau”.

In addition to your own score index (Credit Bureauscore), they also include information about which financial service providers or other institutions have obtained information about you. Your scoring is linked to various “ratings”, which can range from 1 to 100. A high score is therefore the prerequisite for good creditworthiness. 100 is the maximum score that anyone can achieve. In this case, an extremely small probability of failure is assumed. In contrast, payment difficulties are much more likely to occur if someone only has a value of 50.

Our tip: This is how you can “delete a negative Credit Bureau entry”

An invoice has to be paid and you overlook the fact that you have to pay it on time. The reasons for this are often manifold: you were on vacation at the time, were currently in a financial constraint or had a new address due to a move. An open cell phone bill can also lead to problems. The funding application that was made is rejected because of an unfavorable Credit Bureau entry. As mentioned, if payment requests are made and the score index declines, this can have consequences for the application for a loan.

On the other hand, every consumer has the right to have an adverse entry at Credit Bureau removed for his protection. The credit agency may still have information that is either incorrect or very old and as a result is no longer up to date. In any case, as a consumer you should exercise your right to request self-disclosure and, if necessary, have entries that are no longer up to date eliminated. You can request such deletion directly from the credit agency. The condition for the elimination is that the due invoice does not exceed USD 2,000 and has been paid within six weeks.

Deletion of Credit Bureau data – your data at Credit Bureau

The Credit Bureau entries will be automatically deleted after a certain period of time without any action on your part. For example, this happens with:

  • for information about requests after exactly one year; This information is only transmitted to Credit Bureau contract partners within 10 days
  • for loans exactly to the day, 3 years after the year of the full repayment of the loan
  • in the case of reports on outstanding claims, each after a period of three full calendar years (ie on December 31 of the third calendar year following the entry)
  • for mail order or online purchases, if the claims have now been settled

Why a Swiss loan is a good alternative

Why a Swiss loan is a good alternative

It is often far from easy for a private individual who is in a precarious financial situation to get a loan. The chances of financing are significantly reduced due to debts or poor creditworthiness. In such cases, a so-called “Swiss loan” can be a sensible option. This means a loan that is granted by a Swiss financial institution. Credit Bureau queries are generally not carried out by such banks, which makes it significantly easier to obtain the loan. When it comes to entrepreneur loans without Credit Bureau, that’s a huge advantage.

Obviously, you cannot get a loan even from Swiss institutions without a creditworthiness check and various collateral and proof of income. With a positive credit rating, the Swiss loan is a real option for business credit without Credit Bureau, even if you have a negative Credit Bureau entry.

What is the “APR”

For an entrepreneur loan without Credit Bureau, the “effective annual interest rate” or “effective annual interest rate” is also of crucial importance. The “annual percentage rate” denotes the annual borrowing costs, which are calculated on the basis of the nominal loan amount. As a fixed percentage, it always depends on the amount paid out. In addition to fixed interest rates, there are other price-determining factors for loans, such as flexible or variable interest rates. This interest rate is a so-called initial “annual percentage rate”

Sometimes, a fixed debit interest rate is fixed for a loan for the entire term. In plain language, this means: Regardless of the numerous fluctuations in interest rates on the capital markets, the nominal interest rate on which the “loan” is based remains stable. A fixed borrowing rate provides planning security for you as a borrower. As a result, you can be sure that the interest rate on the “loan amount” will remain the same throughout the entire term of the loan.

What does the loan term mean

A loan can have different terms. This affects in particular the repayment terms that borrowers agree with the bank. This means that with a loan with a short term, the borrower has to pay higher monthly installments than is the case with a long “loan term”. Playing through the different options in the area of ​​the loan term can therefore be worthwhile. Please note that there are only a limited selection of terms available for a few loans.

The time interval from the payment to the complete repayment or repayment of the loan amount is called either the loan term or the loan term. The repayment and the amount of the nominal interest are the main factors on which the duration depends. Accordingly, the amount and number of installments are important for the term. The lower the repayment amount, the longer it will take for the loan and thus the loan amount including any processing fees to be paid in full. Loans that are connected over five years are considered long-term loans.

What are loan fees

What are loan fees

Loan fees are often referred to as processing fees, loan processing fees, processing commission, or closing fees. These fees are usually the costs that the financial institution was allowed to bill until 2014 for the effort required to process a loan request or a loan application. The calculation of the “loan fees” for processing a loan request, including checking the creditworthiness of the borrower, was declared inadmissible in May 2014.

Currently, processing fees depending on the respective loan may not be charged any further since 2014. Normally, these costs were about 1 – 3 percent of the loan amount, for example, for a loan of USD 10,000, USD 150 to 450. If various borrowers were charged such a fee for the loan request or application, they generally have the right to request a reimbursement of expenses.

What is a lender

The lender means a private person or a company that lends money to the borrower or borrower for a certain time at an agreed rate of return. The “lender” is generally spoken of in the legal texts. In this context, one often hears the terms “lender” or “creditor”.

When the lender grants a loan, he therefore charges higher interest due to the high default risk. Lenders can include an insurance company, a credit bank or a savings bank. The rights and obligations of the borrower are regulated in the Civil Code (BGB).

What is the monthly rate

Repayments of financing, such as “loans with poor credit ratings” are also made in individual monthly installments. An important part of the monthly installment for loans is the interest rate. The bank calculates the interest rate based on the prices currently calculated for interest in the global capital market. With a corresponding premium, she later passes this interest on to the borrowers.

Another criterion for the “monthly installment” of loans is repayment. In general, the borrower determines the number and size of the repayment rate, with a view to his income situation. In general, the repayment for {longer-term financing} is 1 {{percent}} annually. If, for example, the loan amount and thus the loan amount are to be repaid in a shorter period of time, the repayment is set higher. the monthly installments are then of course significantly increased in line with the amount of the repayment.

The monthly installment of a loan is therefore determined based on the usual criteria of interest and repayment. The processing fee of the banks and brokerage commissions of the credit intermediaries for loans are often included in the monthly installment, which is relatively often included in the monthly installment. Normally, these costs are already taken into account in the interest rate, but are part of the total monthly loan.

What is a debt rescheduling loan

What is a debt rescheduling loan? This is a loan that a person takes out in order to be able to repay a loan with an expensive interest rate a little cheaper through debt restructuring. Debt restructuring also has the advantage that it can combine different loans into one. So you can disclose more than one debt rescheduling loan. The “debt rescheduling loan” is then clearly applied for not at the previous bank, but at another bank. In exceptional cases, you can also take out the loan for a debt rescheduling from the same bank if it offers you lower interest rates this time.

You see, debt restructuring has several advantages. The basic purpose is, however, that the debt rescheduling loan means that you will have a lower financial burden than before after completing your new loan. Because even a relatively insignificantly lower interest rate can help you save money.

What is the total loan amount

What is the total loan amount

The total loan amount includes all fees that the bank charges the bank customer for a loan granted. This is therefore not just the pure loan amount, but the total amount that the borrower repays to the financial institution during the repayment during the loan term. In addition to the requested loan amount, there are any processing fees or commissions as well as the interest rate to be paid. Because the “total loan amount” includes all expenses, this is often considerably higher than the nominal amount of the loan.

Various lenders require so-called residual debt insurance to be taken out to secure the loan. These {expenses} are also part of the total loan amount.

What is the loan amount

The loan amount is the actual amount that the borrower will receive on a net basis if their loan application has been approved. If the “loan amount” may not be paid out in full as a total amount, it is relatively often because the payment may vary depending on the type of loan. In the same way, this also applies to a loan or a “Swiss loan”.

If a {loan application} is made for a loan amount, the bank will either check the borrower’s available income or, for a commercial loan amount, the business records. It doesn’t matter how much the loan amount is. The borrower’s monthly income is checked in the same way for a loan amount of USD 500.00 as for a loan amount of USD 10,000.00.

In principle, a fixed monthly repayment installment is agreed within a set time for the loan amount. These agreements are always included in the written credit agreement. The loan amount can still be repaid more quickly by the borrower with appropriate special repayments, provided his income is sufficient for this. Whether these special repayments are subject to fees or are offered free of charge must be found in the respective loan agreement. If the last installment is paid for the loan amount, the loan contract ends automatically. If a loan amount is borrowed again, the borrower must submit a new application to the bank.

What are the credit rating criteria

Some potential borrowers sometimes ask whether there is a loan without assessing the creditworthiness. The answer to the question is clearly “no”. The credit rating is based on the result of the credit check and defines the premiums on the loan. The result largely depends on the “creditworthiness criteria”. Interest is better, the more excellent the credit rating is. When determining the different factors of the credit check, a good result should therefore come out. Each bank usually has its own credit rating criteria, which can be completely different from other credit institutions. These creditworthiness criteria are valid for every borrower and are in fact identical for every bank.

  • What is the total income?
  • What is the employment relationship like?
  • Is the borrower an official, a contract agent, or a manager?
  • Who’s the employer?
  • Where is the applicant’s place of residence?
  • Are there entries at credit agencies such as Credit Bureau etc.?
  • Does the borrower keep a household ledger with an entry-expense report?
  • Are there assets in the form of land or real estate?
  • What is the marital status?
  • Are there existing guarantees and loans?

These are the prerequisites for business credit without Credit Bureau

In order to positively influence the decision of the loan broker for your loan, you have to fulfill various factors. These include:

  • Age of majority upon application
  • German address
  • German bank account
  • secured monthly income
  • sufficient creditworthiness
  • for dedicated loans, collateral such as an object or a car

What kind of loan can you normally get with an unfavorable credit rating? It is mainly the private loan or credit private that a few loan brokers also offer. In this case, however, the loan is not processed through a conventional bank, but instead is given to one or more donors under the term “borrow money without Credit Bureau”.

Information about entrepreneur loan without Credit Bureau

If you would like to apply for financing with an unfavorable Credit Bureau or a poor Credit Bureau score, then first consider whether you can actually repay the loan without major problems. As a rule, it does not happen without reason if the financial institution rejects a loan application.

Remember: One of the business principles of lending banks is to ensure that as many consumers as possible take out a loan and repay it in full, on time and with interest. The stated goal of financial institutions is clearly to lend to reliable borrowers. In the past, payment behavior was very inadequate, it must be assumed that the installments will not be repaid on time in the future. In this respect, the application will of course be rejected. Occasionally, the assessment of the creditworthiness shows that there are insufficient funds or the minimum income is too small to be able to service the loan until it is fully repaid.

So compare your income with the expenses as realistically as possible before you make the decision to apply for a “loan without Credit Bureau” or other financing. You will then know beforehand whether you can easily repay the loan you want or whether the installments due might upset your budget. in any case, note that there are always surprising situations that delay or even make repayment of the loan amount impossible. This could be, for example, the defective car, the broken washing machine or a surprisingly high postpayment requirement from the gas or electricity provider.

Those who are smart can get competent advice from their personal credit advisor on a “credit with Credit Bureau entry”. If necessary, he will analyze your financial options together with you and will also help you to find the right offer. In this way, you do not get caught in a debt trap unnecessarily, which can easily happen with a carefree “taking out a loan despite Credit Bureau”. Borrowing in spite of Credit Bureau is also particularly popular with borrowers. The loan broker is also a specialist in this area and can provide the right information when it comes to merging different loans.

If it appears that you have been illegally refused a “Loan with Credit Bureau” or “Loan with Credit Bureau entry” by the financial institution, it may well be that your Credit Bureau score leaves something to be desired. In any case, call up your Credit Bureau score once a year. This is free of charge and you can be sure that everything is in order. If not, try to delete outdated or incorrect information.

Non-assignment personal loans for protested pensioners.


The use of credit through the request for personal loans has now become a solution adopted by many consumers, even by those most in difficulty, and there are numerous financial products on the market: loans for pensioners, protesters and atypical workers now support those more classics dedicated to the most protected employees and workers.

Of course, there is no denying that if you belong to the category of bad payers or protests, it is much more difficult to get personal funding. In these cases, in fact, they are registered in the registers of the risk centers or in the computerized register of Protests which are regularly consulted by the credit institutes before granting loans to their customers, in order to verify their economic capacity.

Are there alternatives to the assignment of the fifth?

Are there alternatives to the assignment of the fifth?

In recent years, however, banks and financial companies have studied ad hoc solutions to grant personal loans to protests and bad payers precisely to meet those increasingly numerous consumers who find themselves registered in the aforementioned registers because maybe they are not managed to pay some installments of a loan in progress or were unable to cover a check or a bill of exchange. It is therefore important to know that it is possible to obtain loans for protested pensioners without the transfer of the fifth or loans for self-employed workers without a paycheck .

Let’s see together which are the most effective solutions.

Protested personal loans: the surety

Protested personal loans: the surety

One of the simplest methods to be able to have access to personal loans even if you are protested, valid for both employees and retirees and for self-employed workers, is the guarantee, or a personal guarantee given by a third party who undertakes to pay the amount due in the event that the applicant cannot cope with it. The guarantor is in fact obliged, in the event of default of the contract holder, to pay the established sum.

Anyone can offer collateral, a relative, a friend or even a simple acquaintance, as long as they can demonstrate a certain income and an impeccable credit reputation.

Loans for protested pensioners: loans changed

Loans for protested pensioners: loans changed

Another very popular solution for obtaining loans for protests without assigning a fifth even if one has protested is the loan promoted by private individuals. It is characterized by the signing of bills at the time of signing the contract, in order to guarantee the repayment of the loan; bills usually have a monthly basis, for a maximum duration of 120 months, and provide for fixed rate interest calculated on the amount.

Bills of exchange are enforceable securities and this allows the beneficiaries of the credit to be able to resort to the attachment of the assets in the event of insolvency by the owner (see also How the real estate attachment ).  The loan promoted for protested pensioners or for self-employed workers without a paycheck can be disbursed thanks to the guarantee of signing the bills only.

Company loan: personal, finalized and with a light tax

Any employee can apply for funding from their employer in the context of the welfare policies that have developed in the private sector. This is a loan classified among the fringe benefits, or “ancillary benefits” that are added to the salary. In addition to funding, these benefits can also be, for example, meal vouchers, a company car, or education and training services.


Personal and finalized loan

Personal and finalized loan

Requesting a loan from your employer is always possible. But unlike the assignment of the fifth, which cannot be refused, in the case of intercompany financing, the employer can refuse to grant it . It is therefore more likely to obtain an affirmative answer in medium-large, rather than small, realities. In detail, this is a rare form of both personal and finalized loan : the former has in common the liquidity obtained, while the latter has the motivation. Indeed, the loan application to the employer must be adequately justified. This is an aspect that makes it similar to the finalized loan (tied to a certain expense). Once the go-ahead is obtained, the loan can be disbursed either with company funds or the employer can enter into agreements with traditional credit institutions (banks and financial institutions), sometimes taking on a share of the interest.


Rates and interests

Rates and interests

The loan granted by the employer can be of three types. In the first case, the employer can grant us a loan at the mid-market rate; option that can be convenient if we are not entitled to the assignment of the fifth (the employer has less than 16 employees) or if the credit system has denied us a loan. In the second case, you can grant us a loan at a subsidized rate, i.e. reduced compared to the market rate. In this case, the interest rate subsidy makes the loan granted by the employer cheaper than the transfer of the fifth and other forms of personal loan. Finally, you can get an interest-free corporate loan.


Light tax

Light tax

In all three cases, from a tax point of view, taxation on loans to employees is cheaper than other loans : only 50% is taxed between the interest rate granted to the worker and the official discount rate, or the average practiced at the time of signing or at the end of each year. Let’s take an example: if the average rate applied on the market of loans similar to those granted to the employee is 3% and the employer pays it at 1%, the taxable difference is 1% on the entire loan, given from (3% – 1%) / 2. As specified by the Revenue Agency, in the case of a mortgage loan, the worker has the right to take advantage of the 19% deduction on interest, relating to the portion remaining at his expense, that is, net of any contribution from the employer.


The procedure

The procedure

Usually, large companies have their own corporate loan application form with a logo. But, regardless of the model, the request for financing always contains the same elements : identification data of the employee’s contract, loan amount, repayment period (years and number of installments), reasons for the financing, method of disbursement: the only one since it may be missing that relating to the rate applied which will be determined by the employer as a rule with a letter in which he accepts the loan request.

Pay in installments with revolving credit card and option cards

Pay a purchase with the card and repay the amount in installments. This is the functionality offered by the so-called revolving cards, or installment cards, payment instruments that can be used like normal credit cards but, unlike the latter, they do not provide for a refund of the entire amount spent on balance in the following month to the transaction, but its installment and repayment in monthly installments (which also include the payment of interest).

There are both pure revolving cards on the market, with which therefore the repayment is always in installments, and the so-called option cards, a type that is increasingly common today which allows, at the time of payment, to choose between full or installment repayment.


Characteristic of revolving cards

credit cards

Revolving cards fall into the category of consumer credit: the bank or the financial company that issued it grants the holder a credit line, therefore a certain amount that the customer can use even if he has no money on the account, and then repay in installments . Usually these cards allow you to use the credit line not only for the payment of goods and services, but also for the advance of cash with withdrawal from ATMs. As it is repaid, the credit line is automatically regenerated.

These cards were originally conceived for the payment of durable goods with amounts of a certain amount, but in fact they have become a tool to finance even smaller purchases, to face temporary liquidity problems or to plan the own outputs.

Different types of cards with different characteristics are available on the market: in addition to the option cards already mentioned, there are also revolving that allow you to customize the installments. Years ago it could happen that revolving cards were sent directly to the owners’ home even in the absence of a specific request, or assigned together with the loyalty cards of certain retailers, but today the consumer is much more protected because the card must be given separately from other products, carefully illustrating their characteristics.


What to watch out for

credit cards

Since the use of the installment card is comparable to a consumer credit form, it is necessary to follow the general rule that applies to all loans, namely to keep an eye on costs.

The main cost item obviously consists of the interest rate paid on the credit line used, which can also be quite high. To this item are added the fee, the costs of the bank statement, the costs of collecting the installments, any fees on withdrawals, any insurance coverage, etc.

To have a summary cost index, as always, it is good to look at the Taeg (Annual percentage rate of charge). It is also important, when making many purchases in installments, to always try to keep a precise idea of ​​the amounts to avoid losing sight of the entity the commitment that is assumed.

Online wedding loan. Find out how to get it in 1 day

Marriage is the dream of many women and men. And a big question that tries to prevent this dream is the money needed to make it come true. Often the solution is a wedding loan , as the ceremony and party require a fair amount of money.

Since most of us depend on their jobs and monthly wages, it is best to apply for a fast online loan and make the monthly payment for the wedding party and preparations.

A united couple plans their finances and together they pay the financing to bring about this very special moment in the lives of people who love each other very much. The wedding is a time to gather family and friends to celebrate this incredible day.

It is a remarkable memory that you will not forget. It is not just the ceremony itself, but the preparations, the choice of the wedding dress, the cake, the flowers, the groomsmen and the bridesmaids. The maid of honor, the trip, the party, the DJ, the songs, are many options and much to do.

How to get the wedding loan?

How to get the wedding loan?

In recent years due to the advancement of the internet and security processes, online lending has become an immediate solution for emergency situations. This online financing can be done for countless situations, including those who are getting married and need a loan .

Advantages of online wedding loan

  • online process;
  • agility and speed;
  • without consulting;
  • a few minutes to receive approval;
  • in a few hours the money in the bank account;
  • flexibility of values
  • and payment terms; privacy and security.

You only need to guarantee 3 pieces of information

An official document, such as RG – To prove that you exist as a citizen. It is a form of security for both you and the lender;

Bank account – this data is requested only so that you receive the requested amount;

Income – this proof can be fixed or recurring income, pensions, rents, self-employment, and others that you can prove.   For the validation of the loan to have a greater chance, it is essential to present an income.

These three data are extremely important for you to get the loan to get married through us, without difficulties and bureaucracy. The form can be completed in just a few minutes.

The entire process is online via mobile phone, notebook, tablet wherever you are, in the comfort of your home, or at your work.

What are the benefits and guarantee?

What are the benefits and guarantee?

Quick loan; Safety; Better conditions; Total privacy; Without the need for mobility; Practical and simple process for acquiring the requested amount; You choose the capital and how long to pay.

Find out how much you can order

Find out how much you can order

This is a very important item and you need to budget all your wedding expenses. At this stage, search for the best prices and conditions. Remember that you will have the money in hand, that is, negotiate the values, ask for cash discount.

You can request a loan for your wedding between $ 200.00 dollars to $ 50,000.00 thousand dollars. This is a very viable credit possibility and able to cover many budgets. Be aware of the money needed for your wedding.

The 5 best money-saving apps – Online Personal Loan

The saying goes that no matter how much money you have – it will never be enough. There’s a little bit of truth to that – with a higher salary, higher expectations, and a more extravagant taste.

Somehow, we never know how to save money, but we easily find reasons to spend. The ability to know how to save money is not in our nature.

Knowing how to save money is a constant activity, not a passive act.

Knowing how to save money is a constant activity, not a passive act.

One reason is that saving literally takes time. You have to analyze your purchases and always be aware of the latest offers and promotions. Knowing how to save money is a constant activity, not a passive act.

Cheaper versions of many things also take more time – preparing meals at home, for example. This is definitely smarter economically, but it takes a lot more hours than eating out or buying something on the way.

In addition to eating out and other obvious examples where you can save money by changing your behavior, there are many other ways.

However, knowing how much and where you spend is the first and most crucial step in knowing how to save money. If you realize, in black and white, that you are living above your means, you will know better in what areas you will limit your spending. To find ways to save money, you first need to know how you’re spending.

Currently, for each problem, there is an application. We will present the top five apps to save money and pay attention to expenses.

Best apps for saving money and managing


With over 10 million users, Good Finance is one of the most popular money management apps out there. You can connect it with your bank account and set financial goals on how to start saving money or make budget categories.

Budget expense categories are automatically assigned to transactions, and most are correctly assigned. If you want to go into detail, you can tag different transactions. With financial goals, you can set up short or long term goals to save. You can also see your monthly spending patterns.

You Need a Budget is another popular budget app for different ways to save money. The operating principles are similar to those of Good Finance. You connect it to your accounts and can review your transactions, create reports and chart patterns. You can, of course, also set budget objectives.

The app also gives tips on how to save and reach your set goals. The app’s developers say the goal of the app is to help people “evolve, living beyond last month’s earnings, and exceeding salary limits.”

If you are in debt, Debt Saver is an app worth checking out. Debts seem intimidating and payment at times seems to be an unachievable goal.

The application creates a payment plan for you and helps you keep track of it. You can choose your own ways to save money and create a personal strategy. You will never forget a payment, as the app sends reminders when the date arrives. Even more, it offers clear graphics about your progress.

  If you tend to spend a lot and have trouble keeping to your predefined budget, Sure Cash is for you. You can create your budget for the week, month, the day you receive the salary, or for one time. When you set a quantity for each category, the application starts recording progress.

Similar to other apps, you will have to add your bank account for the app to get the important data. Sure Cash’s best thing is simplicity – budgets are categorized by color, as well as showing the amount of money left over in each budget. The color codes make it easy to see where you are spending too much and which category is in the “green zone”.

If the world is your home, SpendWise is for you. This application allows you to use different currencies. Connected directly to your bank accounts, you can see exactly how much money is coming in and how much is coming out. It also calculates ATM withdrawals, not just transactions.

It is a good application to have a general idea presented in graphics. Additional benefits are reminders to pay bills and budgets shared with the family.

Do you still need financial help?


 If meticulous planning and all these ways of saving money still leave you in financial difficulties, an online loan may be the solution for you. We cannot always predict everything and some unexpected expenses are facts of life.

An online loan is a good way to deal with these emergencies, as it is easy to apply for and has a flexible payment schedule.

Sean Cole intermediates loans online, and you will find a suitable solution for each client, whatever their financial needs.

The request is simple and quick. You need to provide your name, identity number, email address and telephone number.

After requesting, Sean Cole will contact you with offers and you will be able to choose the one that is best for you. When you have confirmed the offer, the money will be transferred to your account.